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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-09
The state encourages the development of beauty salons and other community commercial < p> 2017 - 03 - April 14, 16 13:25:12 < / p> in Beijing the opening of the national work conference on circulation, in order to meet the needs of the broad masses of urban and rural consumers, actively guide and expand consumer, countries in the modern commercial mode, vigorously develop supermarkets at the same time, strive to use three years to build and transform 25 m standardized 'farm shop', at the same time focus on the development of community business. Relevant authorities, points out that unbalanced regional economic development in our country, the consumption structure and consumption levels are also different, should vigorously develop modern formats such as supermarket, also want to through the upgrade and business structure adjustment to improve traditional retailing industry development level. At the same time encourage big group, stationing business enterprise to the west and northeast China. As soon as possible in order to change the rural consumption is not safe, the present situation of the consumption is not convenient, no benefits, countries strive to use three years time, establishment and modification of 25 m standardized 'farm shop', covering the whole country more than 50% of administrative villages and more than 70% of the villages and towns. Across the state encourages the development of community business in the light of local conditions, with a focus on the development of community supermarkets, convenience stores, speciality store, store formats such as early and fast food restaurants, public establishments, community shopping center, beauty parlor, cleaners and dyers and other industries. Community and encourage large circulation enterprises, the introduction of brand and service, make ordinary people at home can solve shopping, dining, leisure, entertainment, repair, domestic service and other aspects of life demand, rest assured consumption. Source: China's township enterprises to zhang yi
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