The spot coup by these methods

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-21
Long spot for many women, white spots, the face is not good, looks straight and level to drop, and remove spots, also not easy. What the cause of long spot? 1, genetic, many women long is caused by genetic parents, one of the two parties long spot, then their children long spot possibility is very large, because this is splash is autosomal inheritance, genetic splash generally occurs during adolescence. 2, irregular life lead to irregular life, there are many women often stay up late playing mobile phone, during the day and wake up late, irregular meal diet, didn't eat breakfast, lunch and make two meals to eat, over time, the effect of health, especially lead to the appearance of brown spots. 3, body system disorder when female body system disorder can cause metabolic disorders, skin conditions will become worse, had a beautiful face appeared defects, such as yellow, long blain blain, pore bulky, even is a splash. 4, the sun to prevent long spot top priority is to prevent bask in, the sun for a long time will form the plaques. Studies have shown that the skin for a long time exposed under the sunlight, ultraviolet ray can apply to skin pigmentation. What are the spot tips? 1, often eat grain and want a good women, skin coarse grains should often eat grain. We know that the grain has good curing effect, can enhance resistance, beauty to raise colour, and can nourish the skin, raise colour the effect of the spot. 2, and lemonade, lemonade, also has a magical effect, the lemon slices into the warm water for 20 minutes, add sugar or honey, mix drink. Drinking a cup of every day, insist on drinking will be firming skin, fade spots, etc.
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