The shelf life of cosmetic processing: makeup is tasted

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04
Colour makeup product: eyeliner: - 10 months Liquid eyeliner lasts for 1 year ten months to a year, and wooden eyeliner has 1 - Of the 2 years warranty, you can keep it, not as bacteria liquid eyeliner pen. Mascara: 3 - After six months of mascara dry yourself adding liquid dilution, the behavior of the wrong if volatiles great harm eye contact, we constantly use eyelash brush, let air into the cream cone at the same time, also let many bacteria. Blush, eye shadow powder cosmetics manufacturer, such as: 1 - The duration of more than 2 years of powder cosmetics liquid cosmetics, but also should regularly check, if it's any state, color and taste has changed, to throw it away! Base isolation: 1 - Filling the isolation holds up 1 year 2 years or so, and press the pump can save 2 years. Lipstick: 1 year changes in color, texture and smell is the warning sign lipstick is out of date, if your lipstick looks still as usual, so you need to do is put it to wipe clean. Foundation: 1 - 2 years if the quality of a material becomes thick, oil emulsion separation, discoloration, or produce peculiar smell, it must change the new. Of course, all this must be the premise of brands to choose and buy quality cosmetics processing company, XJ Beauty is trustworthy.
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