The scratch the itch, skin allergy do?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23
Skin allergy is the skin after receiving the allergen stimulation, can make the body produce antigen body, causing antigen reaction phenomena of the body and allergens. Allergy on the face little a knot in one's will happen, have a fever, red blood silk, rashes, blisters, scars, pain, red a knot in one's, itching, redness, peeling, blain blain, a bit urticant, especially urticant, stabbing pain, blush, etc. Because some sisters because allergic pollen, have a plenty of seafood, and because of small animal hair, etc. So general skin allergy should first pay attention to avoid exposure to allergens, allergic to let you this is the most important. But also keep skin clean, don't go to scratching the affected if scratches is likely to cause other skin problems. Can be just the right amount of vitamin C, can eat more fresh fruit and vegetables at ordinary times, the excitant strong. Easy to cause allergic, like seafood, such as bamboo shoots food can eat less eat less as far as possible. Can use cold water washs a face, enhance skin's resistance. Sensitive skin should notice: 1 too cumbersome and moisturizing skin care routine can aggravate the burden of skin, sensitive to be careful. The right thing to do is try to choose contains soothing ingredients such as chamomile protects skin to taste, to strengthen the moisture of skin care. Want to know, skin more sensitive, water shortage and sensitive muscle lock water ability is poor, so the water filling water lock is the key of the skin. 2, prevent bask in intense ultraviolet light and high temperature can make the sensitive skin restless, so it's very important to go out is prevented bask in. Sensitive muscle on the choice of sunscreen should pay attention to, avoid using spray or gel sunscreen, moisturizing effect is weak because of these two kinds of products. For sensitive skin, go out choose moderate physical sunscreen will be better, at the same time the sun umbrella to stock. 3 sisters in discharge makeup, makeup questions make sure to completely clean face of cosmetics manufacturer, sensitive skin is more important, because if still remains on the face, so not only can damage the skin surface, and fine are more likely to give birth to blain blain, serious still can make your sensitive problems even worse.
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