The safe use of cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04
Now many of the women in the use of cosmetics manufacturer, with all kinds of cosmetics manufacturer, some girls like to mix with, but do you know what are the laws of cosmetic safety use, the following cosmetics factory together with you and see it! 1, complete based moisturizing skin care safer, and product mix, basic moisturizing effect between product mix build basic no problem, it is stable, although different brand foundation elements is different, but the probability of mismatch between them is quite low. Similarly, basic moisturizers and product mix effect is also OK, like 'whitening and hydrating', 'anti-wrinkle + hydrating', 'acne removing + hydrating' approach is feasible. From the 'ingredients' to choose to protect skin to taste is the average consumer is difficult to learn. From the direction to classify, suggested whitening essence products should be used alone, do not stack with other maintain article, avoid the acidic pH of the whitening ingredients, active functional degradation. Of course, there is another lazy way, is to choose a brand of skin care products. Generally speaking, the brand of each series match ingredients are cosmetics formula is rigorous research and development, technical brand is less likely to attend the failure of the formula. Choose with the maintenance of series is tasted, can reduce the number of different substrate stack, reduce the ingredients can induce allergies. 2, pay attention to use order mixed skin product should pay attention to using the order. Whether different efficacy product mix build, or as effective product mix build, should pay attention to use order, otherwise it will cause rub mud or not. In general, relatively thin texture of product use first, thicker products after use, because a sincere product containing macromolecular components to have the effect of moisture, impede subsequent absorption. 3, have beautiful white effect to be cautious with product claims that have beautiful white effect generally recommend the use of the same brand and series products. Because active whitening products generally strong, easy to react with other substances, so don't recommend different company's whitening resistance spot product mix. When used in mixing, due to the different cosmetics contain composition is too complex, prone to protect skin to taste the failure problem. Even more serious, two kinds of chemical reaction, generate toxic to human skin. This time, the cosmetics not only failed to have the effect of maintenance, but also can make your skin to produce a series of adverse reactions.
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