The safe hidden trouble that cosmetics processing enterprises how to put an end to the product?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
Don't know if you have recently focused on the paper of a nanometer toxicology, the paper mainly expressed how sunscreen additive nano zinc oxide by invasion of our human hair follicle structure skin tissue, after the process of negative influence on skin tissue. This makes a sunscreen product composition problem again into the line of sight of people. Through the experiment results show that the periodic daub nano zinc oxide can result in the accumulation of nanoparticles in the hair follicles in mice, and with the accumulated over a long period of time, concentration of rise increasingly, eventually led to the nanometer zinc oxide in the hair follicle stem cells differentiation potential to produce injury, affect the health of the skin. Nanometer zinc oxide is a kind of special physical properties, apply to the surface of the skin after can effectively absorb UVA and UVB rays, prevent skin uv damage. And its daub onto skin after a transparent, not reflective, also is not oily, look more in line with the beauty of women demand, so these features make the nanometer zinc oxide has become a common additive in sunscreen. Here one could question? Nanometer zinc oxide or not normal sense of the zno? Guangzhou XJ think Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory, material particles once small to nanometer and below, its activity, toxicity and many other properties change, will not be the same as the original property, is not yet clear, the results can prove that this change is positive or negative for the human body, so it also shows that not all technology is beneficial to human. Although the inorganic additives used in the cosmetic surface through special processing, may damage to human skin is not very big, but under the condition of light, the use of its products is still controversial. Compared to domestic concerns, foreign material giant ahead at this time. They think the nano zinc oxide could not enter the nucleus and golgi apparatus and endoplasmic reticulum and other organelles. At the same time, a large number of human trials confirmed that applied in cosmetics manufacturer, nano zinc will not be absorbed into the bloodstream. No safety of raw material, the only safe way to use. Nanometer materials surface treatment is really easy to reunite, but mainstream products on the market at present in order to avoid these problems, especially for nano sunscreen for surface treatment - — For example, is prevented bask in a product of the zinc oxide has been PEG and PVP on the surface parcel or processed submicron ( 40 - 50nm) , reactivity has been greatly reduced, and therefore is safe material. From the point of the current industry, perception of nanometer zinc oxide is periodic, has not yet been determined, which belongs to the academic debate. But do not deny that nanoscale materials are on the market has a certain appeal, because it can bring high-tech sense. Because of purity, particle size, industrial nano zinc oxide price is twenty thousand yuan per ton. with nano-scale zinc oxide, by contrast, the price is more expensive, nano-scale zinc oxide price in five centuries yuan per kilogram. In addition to the nanometer zinc oxide, industry research for sunscreen has a lot of progress in other ways too. It is worth mentioning that divine materials will be launched in August 2017 a called 'of benzene 2 methylene two camphor sulfonic acid' new bask in raw materials, the raw material passed the FDA certification, not only completely water soluble, efficient broad-spectrum sunscreen, ultraviolet light stability of more prominent, and have strong, not easy to decompose, can realize super clear qualitative formula. Due to product quality problems happened is not less, guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM to j&j to Virginia recently a woman for more than RMB 7. 600 million yuan, as consumers in the use of j&j's contain cancer after talcum powder sanitary products for forty years. The incident is Johnson & Johnson because of baby powder with talcum powder, such as sanitary products of more than two thousand lawsuits facing the risk of cancer and the latest, and was sentenced to the maximum amount of compensation to date. Before this, the court judgment has 4 cases, including 3 cases total Johnson was sentenced to indemnity 1. 9. 7 billion dollars. In February 2016, the company was sentenced to death of a cancer of the female victims' families to pay $seventy-two million damages, was sentenced to another may pay $fifty-five million damages cancer women, in October and was sentenced to pay a cancer woman 7 $seventy million damages. In the latest ruling, the plaintiff claimed to have over 40 years of daily use Johnson &johnson talcum powder and health supplies, baby powder and shower gel, in particular, in 2012, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the cancer cells then spread to the liver. Because of the quality problem of product to every consumer users life-long harm is self-evident, enterprises should pay more attention to production quality, no quality, no development. Enterprise should have social responsibility for every consumers more, what you create each product, all want to stand the test of market, after all, I really don't fake, really also false.
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