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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-05
The role of skin care products in North America, hamamelis composition effect < p> PHPCMS - 2016 12 - 03 14:23:00 < / p> < p> North America hamamelis extract 【 Also known as 】 Virginia hamamelis, hamamelidaceae, is a deciduous shrubs of the genus hamamelis. 【 Origin 】 Native to eastern North America, from nova scotia to west to Minnesota in the United States, central and eastern Texas south to Florida. 【 Efficacy 】 Bark extract has the effect of convergence, are added in cosmetics do use astringent, unilever pond's maintain article series products contain this ingredient. The indigenous peoples of America will with bark and leaves to treat inflammation of the skin. Wood reddish brown, nearly white sapwood, detailed material, wood is heavy and high hardness, density of 0. 68. Branches, leaves and bark extract can be medicinal, mainly used to treat acne, bruises and swelling. 【 Extract the main ingredient 】 Consists of tannic acid, gallic acid, catechins, procyanidins, flavonoids ( Resurrectionlily phenol, quercetin) , essential oils, Carvacrol, eugenol and hexylene glycol) , choline and saponin. Distilling out the toilet water, hydrosol) Can be used to maintain skin, it is a very strong antioxidant and astringent, very effective when used to treat acne. It is recommended to treat psoriasis, eczema, skin laceration or blisters, mosquito bites, varicose veins and hemorrhoids condition, for cuts, scrapes and sunburn skin also has curative effect. Sold on the market & other; Hamamelis extract & throughout; And other products containing hamamelis, the use of materials & other Hamamelis & throughout; Main source, is the north American hamamelis, rather than China's native hamamelis ( Hamamelis mollis) 。 < / p> < p> < / p> < p =“文本-风格 align:中心; “> < / p> < p =“文本-风格 对齐:左; '> North America hamamelis extract efficacy purpose: < / p> 1. Contains tannin quality kind such as Ellagtannin and Hamamlitannin can regulate sebum secretion, moisturizing and tender. 2. Promote lymph circulation, dedicated to overcome the eye puffiness and dark circles. 3. With calm, soothe effect, to crack, sunburn, acne have improved effect. 4. Can effectively help the regeneration ability of skin at night. 5. Remove eye bags, relax, and ease for oily skin and allergic skin has very excellent effect. 6. Have a soothing, convergence, antibacterial effect. Because of a convergence containment, sterilization significant curative effect, for adolescents or travel more severe skin condition, is a choice. 7. Hamamelis use can be traced back to hundreds of years ago, it has a deep cleaning effect can make the skin anti-aging. In the cosmetics, used to diminish inflammation, soothed by the stimulation of the skin, not cause dry skin, and has a healing effect. - at the same time it also to have the role of free radicals hamamelis convergence effect to purify pouch effect to let a person very glad. 8. Hamamelis relax and ease to oily skin or allergic skin has very excellent effect, convergence pores, can fill wet, static muscle function. For a deeper clean, make the skin more tender and bright. Essence has regulate oil secretion, moisturizing and whitening effect.
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