The rise of new retail in the cosmetics industry

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-21
New retail, traditional electricity started offline, someone said: store the spring is coming. It is really so? This kind of new retail sports benefit a great deal to the development of future physical stores, but existing stores obviously belong to take that party. Traces the source of new retail is pure electricity transformation idea, 'online and offline + logistics' is the core of the new retail electricity's strength is that online and logistics, short board is offline. So, below a link is the core of its core. Many electric business platform, who dominate the first line, who is the new retail rule makers or participants in the future. New retail appeared, entity shop to achieve the role reversal, by electricity in the first place. Underneath the surface, the new retail belongs to upgrade O2O. It's really terrible place, lies in its destroyed 'e-commerce', at the same time of new things to replace old things, and the traditional retail into the landscape. In this 'forgetting', achieve the goal of harmony. In the past, the traditional electricity sales oriented, to sell products to consumers' hands to finish the mission. However, consumer shopping behavior has changed gradually, demand for quality, personalized, service, etc. Combined with traditional electricity costs rise, and facing the ceiling, the value of sales oriented in attenuation, entity shop face-to-face service for consumers and the value of on-site experience get promoted, which lays a foundation for the new retail. Starting from this point, in the new retail change, existing stores have congenital advantage. Online mall to offline layout of improving the user experience, service consumers. The existing stores had a certain customer base, ACTS to get twice the result with half the effort. Trend is irreversible, and the new retail has been walking in the road, no matter traditional electricity or traditional entity shop, has the same mission, each with means to improve the service for consumers. Only this, can have more say in the future.
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