The pursuit of fashion consumption with fire appearance level brand war intensified

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-19
How long have you spend sorting instrument? How much money each year skin care and beauty? Want to try the new product emerge in endlessly? There are statistics show that China's major cities male consumers spend on an average day time on sorting instrument for 24 minutes, with 88% of those who would surf the Internet to see the beauty and fashion information, the proportion was obviously improved than in the past 10 years. Statistics highlight the appearance level rising status in today's society. Corresponding, it is a chain in the spin, in expanding scale, the upgrade the appearance of quality level of the economy. Industrial chain stretched every day I spend more than half an hour to protect skin, skin investment is necessary, it can make me have more confidence in the workplace. Work at the airport, wang said in an interview with the financial times. For more women, skin care products and cosmetics manufacturer have become a part of the hard consumer spending. Compared with the past, the pursuit of appearance level increasingly transcend gender. According to the survey of the consulting firm Nielsen, Chinese women on average time is 28 skin care. 3 minutes per day, more than 57% of women have cosmetic habits; The average male skin care length is 24 minutes per day, not just five minutes less than women. Euromonitor international, according to data released in 2007 from $140 billion in 2016 to $333. 2 billion, 10 years, China's cosmetics market grew by 138%, as the world's second largest cosmetics consumer. According to the forecast, from 2017 to 2021, China will still is the world's fastest-growing cosmetics manufacturer market. Is not only the cosmetics manufacturer, the whole economic chain of the appearance level have been stretched. Analysys, a think-tank, according to a survey in 2016 Chinese women before hundreds of mobile application, shopping and take photos beautification and health care accounted for more than 60%. And love take women will also expand consumption levels to improve their appearance, and according to the statistics, take 2014 women in the clothing, skin care cosmetics, beauty SPA monthly average spending, accessories, hairstyles amounted to 2805 yuan. Beijing academy of social sciences researcher at the beautiful scene in an interview with the financial times said the appearance level pursue a strong thrust for the development of fashion industry. Appearance level economy from beauty, clothing, cosmetics to fix the chart software, photographic equipment, such as expanding, has given rise to new product category and individualized consumption tendency, the supply side of the fashion industry has become more diverse. Consumption view updates how appearance level economic booming? Pay attention to is the person's biological instinct appearance level. Beautiful scene said, of course, appearance level economic booming also reflects the rise of consumerism society. Level of appearance of the consumer experience and choice plays an important role, people consume beauty, not just in consumer product itself, is also a way of life in the choice. To support this kind of behavior, the first is the improvement of income. The McKinsey study suggested that households earning between $200000 and $100000 middle-class families which has the best potential for growth in consumer spending. At present, China's per capita GDP has just over $8000, more than a second-tier cities per capita GDP for 10000 to $20000, is in the high-end consumption periods of rapid ascension. In addition, consumers of intergenerational update also increased the heat of the level of consumption in appearance, is gradually become the main consumption after 80 after 90. They are living in an era of China's rapid economic growth, consumption ability and willingness to improve. According to the forecast ali institute and Boston consulting company, their spending power will be the size of an average of 14% growth, twice as much as the previous generation consumption power. In the scenery beautiful view, mass media also contributed to appearance level economy. Magazines, TV and movie for those beautiful image and the promotion, further strengthened the & lsquo; Appearance level & rsquo; The concept of. Live webcast, VR technology, web celebrity, but also to push the trend to an extreme. She said. Brand war intensified a little heed the cosmetics category, people turn out to be beyond the traditional functions such as whitening sunscreen, many brands started to people who work and life rhythm faster and faster, some is the sweet atmosphere of effective decompression, bath products. In meet the basic function of interior and the traditional brand, many small and beauty products gradually stand out, is loved by some consumers. In the case of some brand hair dryer, because joined the sole element of science and technology, product price exceeded the average price to 10 times as much. Behind the market changes is the fierce conflicts between various scientific research and capital strength. Many of the personage inside course of study thinks, the appearance level of China's economic development soon, but not very mature. Core technology lack and low channel loyalty, brand construction become larger. In front of the huge market with fierce competition, good internal work is the key to supply upgrade. In r&d, for example, the personage inside course of study says, the international cosmetics giant's research and development spending every year in 1 billion yuan of above, the pattern of China cosmetic industry is relatively dispersed, to develop products suitable for Chinese consumers still needs more investment. Beautiful scene that appearance level economy will produce a lasting and extensive influence, we need to be more rational to face it. One is actively advocates the spirit of craftsman, excellence, rigorous focus, guide benign development of the industry.
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