The proper way to teach you how to do facial mask cosmetics OEM manufacturer

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-10
Any things to use the right way will reach the twice the result with half the effort, can use both can achieve the result of facial mask and skin have a negative impact. Apply face film is best done after the shower, because after the bath, the body belongs to open pores, skin moisture is sufficient. 1, basic cleaning, makeup and wash a face with cleanser, usually a month to a adsorption clean skin, generally can choose adsorption function of cleanser can, remember adsorption clean cannot too frequent use, it will damage the skin itself a layer of protective film of 2, and then gently pat face with toner and many will omit this step, direct apply face film, this is wrong, because just finish cleaning for the skin, to give the skin a moist, because doing so can play a leading mask essence, make the skin more easily absorb nutrition of the mask, so as to enhance the effect of the mask. 3, then can apply face film, skin must face break, not air. I feel apply face film can listen to music, relax, apply for about ten minutes, to mask unwanted essence import mask, in the packaging for the second time to increase the absorption of the skin. After 4, time to put the mask off, swirling with your index finger gently massage skin, let skin to absorb again, and then use WenQing water to remove excess liquid, emulsion skin care. Apply face film benefits: in the process of mask, mask cover the face, will promote facial temperature, pore to expand, promote the secretion of sweat glands, easy to pores of dirt, grease and other waste elimination; At the same time will face skin essence and moisture permeability of bottom, it will soften the skin, increase skin elasticity, promotes the skin blood circulation, enhance the vitality of skin cells, remove aging factor of the skin, keep skin vigor. 1, apply face film when will the skin temperature, speed up the skin blood circulation; Mask will also temporarily cut off with air of skin, reduce the water evaporation, soften skin, at the same time enlarge pores, skin will absorb the moisture in the mask and skin cream, improve skin problems. 2, in the process of the mask, the mask can tighten skin, which can reduce wrinkles, prevent skin flabby; After a lot of water, pore will narrow. 3, mask processing factory engineer said the mask there is clean effect, will the skin exfoliation, dead skin, grease, garbage removal, but after using the mask, remember to wash your face with water, clean face will be more clean. 3, apply face film will reduce acne, acne, acne, etc. , apply face film can supplement moisture and enlarge pores, remove waste from the pores, reduce acne and acne, acne and other risk. Guangzhou cosmetics manufacturer OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer to remind everybody, mask 15 20 minutes, time is too long can cause skin problems, and apply 2 - a week Three times the mask.
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