The producing bottle, become a new consumption hotspot, cosmetics OEM with those changes

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14

the popular trend of cosmetics, is not the same every year, and the field of cosmetics OEM also appeared a lot of big innovation, from technology to production, and even the industrial chain and tremendous changes have taken place in the overall pattern, XJ Beauty also received a lot of customer processing and producing, Ann and so on popular cosmetics bottle generation processing, go to see the cosmetics industry this year will have the change.

the present leaders debate focused on the composition, micro emulsion, supply chain, and other fields, and producing, ampoules, 'fast' and 'effective' is the consumer of the product directly, compared with the traditional 'moistens everything silently' cosmetics, consumers prefer the effect of the 'immediate' products.

there is demand there is market, producing bottle, the originally used in pharmaceutical dosage forms, in the field of packaging technology has crossover came to the field of cosmetics manufacturer, and quickly open the market, as a hot category, silk beautiful poem, north bay as a year ago many well-known OEM enterprise layout in this area.

the reason is that these two categories of products can add higher efficacy material concentration, the effectiveness of the product has been widely recognized, at the same time, the nicotinamide, some in the party, such as 'peptides' hyped in composition, make ampoules, producing products can quickly find the 'landing' of the market.

and, more importantly, whether one bottle or producing, use rise more convenient small doses of packing way, the price is not more than the consumer expectations, most consumers are willing to pay for products to try, and a lot of brands also through the two category disguised the promotion product price.

XJ Beauty for many brands do summary processing services, significant efficacy and precise positioning for this kind of product rapid rise, even some foundry enterprises believe that the rise of emerging category such as Ann bottle has heated up possible impact of face film market, we have to wait and see!

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