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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21
As people growing demand for beauty maintenance, face film industry has been rapid development. According to the report of the British Westminster, mask into China's skin care market is growing most rapidly category, promising Chinese face film market, based on this mask foundry industry in China is growing by leaps and bounds. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer co. , LTD as a mask on the top of the foundry field, has been the mask on research and development and manufacturing, through the introduction of advanced production lines and equipment and innovating the mode of joint development, makes the XJ Beauty in large-scale production automation, skin care products occupy dominant position in the research and innovation, thus build the cosmetics manufacturer OEM/ODM processing industry competition advantage. Among them, the XJ Beauty fresh membrane separation mask, use 'liquid membrane separation, pressure melting' packaging design, film of face of cloth carries abundant in essence, firmly locked drops. Among them, the hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask, contains hyaluronic acid with various hydrating essence, moist skin; Vitamin C bright mask, screening light skin ingredients, vitamin C helps improve skin tone, make skin elastic embellish is full. We all know, general big companies are not specifically set the mask processing, because the mask is only small part of them, most or look for film of face of OEM production, OEM production, also known as the designated production, commonly known as foundry, basic meaning is brand producers not direct production product, they use their mastery of the key core technology is responsible for the design and development of new products, control sales channel, specific processing tasks entrusted by means of contract order of similar products of other manufacturers. After will be ordered on the low price to buy products, and directly with your own brand logo. These products are basically corporation formula, and then to the contract production, so sometimes old brand doesn't necessarily represent his products is also very cow. , of course not, also has many brand production, but the process is the same.
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