The processing cosmetics trend: what is a pure natural plant to protect skin to taste?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-08
generation process tell you: pure natural plant to protect skin to taste is refers to the natural organic skin care products in addition to contain plant ingredients, must by obtain the organic certification of organic plant extracts, the product can not add the raw materials and petrochemical products such as risk adverse ingredients to the skin, which added preservatives and surfactant must be strictly limited, and cannot be used in the process of producing animal experiment and use of radiation sterilization, the formula and the process is very complicated. In addition to provide full component labeling and accurate information to consumers, contain ingredients of biological decomposability recycling problem or not, packaging, and the cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer's public and responsibility are within the specification. Need to be careful when choosing natural skincare products. Don't blindly choose to protect skin to taste the choice of the brand, actually chemical protect skin to taste the same, just different brand selling brand, so want to see more of pure natural plant the main ingredient behind the product packaging, basically you will know that is natural to protect skin to taste. Both advocate natural skin care products or in the synthesis of science and technology give priority to dozen of products, the most important thing is to focus on whether products professionally laboratory prove that from the national authoritative organization for product safety testing and evaluation, pure natural skin care ingredients is also a need to focus on the one hand, undoubtedly offers powerful evidence for the safety of the pure natural skin care products.
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