【 The processing cosmetics 】 The tips to prevent allergies

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-29
Skin allergy do? Don't worry, prevent allergy have tips here, let's XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer generation of processing small make up just to tell you the knowledge: a: reducing the frequency skin replacement skin care products for skin care products have an adjustment period, before the change to protect skin to taste to determine whether to use protect skin to taste has an element of their allergies, attention should be paid to the skin when used whether to have adverse reactions, if any, should immediately stop using it. Skin care products to continue to use more than 28 days actually didn't work, no adverse reactions of skin, or not too frequent change of skin care products. 2: with a cool towel cold compresses ease allergy localized redness to the skin, do not scratch, also don't literally daub ointment containing hormones. Generally cold temperature can alleviate with towel, if blush needless dermatologist for the suggestion for a few days, the doctor will open no essence, no pigment, to restore the skin barrier products, increase the skin's resistance. Allergic to nurse daily process: the first step to clean, soft skin to the second step, soften horniness, deep penetration step 3 to step 4 in the desensitization, enhance the defense capability of the skin, lasting anti-allergic
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