The processing cosmetics tell you what's good about cutin on the skin?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
1. To remove the body cells of skin aging, not smooth keratin, can make skin show detailed administrative levels feeling of the bright and clean. 2. Also can remove the skin cutin sclerosis surface covered by black light yellow melanin, remove oil stains, make the skin white tender luster. 3. Facial ministry chamfer can promote skin blood circulation and basal metabolism, make the somatic reengineering more smooth, skin is pure and fresh and soft. 4. If used with pure plant ingredients in the face to the chamfer, it can dissolve the embrittlement of skin epidermis cells, have mild friction effect, can remove the embrittlement of the pigment and skin of keratin and agglutination of blain blain on the face, improve skin color, make the skin pores smaller. 5. Promote skin care products of digestion, absorption, facial skin peels can promote skin to absorb. The old waste deposition produced in the skin cutin layer, block, hair follicle skin can't digest absorb skin care products. Facial ministry chamfer can quickly remove unnecessary cuticle on the skin, make the pores of the skin is smooth, promote skin digestion and absorption of skin care products. 6. Skin whitening years corneous layer with a lot of pigment, the accumulation of pigment to make skin look dark and light yellow, and make the skin show dark grey. Face chamfer is to remove unnecessary keratin skin, make skin looks more white. 7. Improve coarse skin improve coarse skin, unnecessary corneous layer adhesion on skin, make skin looks very not smooth. Many girls touch oneself face skin, always feel uneven, due to the face cutin don't do very well in the work. Facial ministry skin peels can make the skin smooth and delicate, eliminate skin old cuticle. 8. Contractive pore loss can reduce the pores of the skin. 。 The face cutin, during the whole process of pure plant ingredients excutin moisturizing lotion can not only dissolve the embrittlement of skin surface cells, and have the effect of the friction of the soft, remove the skin surface and agglomeration of pigment and blain blain the embrittlement of cuticle, shrink pores. 9. Prevent blain blain on the face held every acne acne care basically, on the face cutin treatment can help prevent acne outbreaks. On the face cutin of skin, ideally soft chamfer simple product applications. For example, to the chamfer simple product with yeast ingredients can dissolve plug the pores of the skin tissue cell death. 10. Stimulating cells reengineering it is all normal skin cells to upgrade slow, embrittlement and cell death mechanism is still in your skin. To remove the dead cells not only make the skin bright and clean, and stimulating the growth and development of new cells. Regular off ( Can you do it every week twice or three times a week) 。 If you accelerate somatic cell update rate, your skin color will be more and more brighter and more physical and mental health.
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