The processing cosmetics products apply for record need to prepare what material

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-09
For those who want to the processing in the cosmetics manufacturer industry entrepreneurs, because it is just in line, a lot of things to this industry is very strange, each respect such as the requirements on the country's laws, regulations and policies. So, we are in the process of registration points, if not prepared for the relevant materials in advance, it may because the material is not complete, leading to record time delayed, greatly delayed in their own time, caused some trouble, so what exactly is what materials need to be prepared? Application of domestic cosmetics for special filing, shall submit the following documents: 1, the domestic cosmetics for special filing application form; 2, product name basis; 3, the product formula, Do not include content, except for restricted substances) ; 4, product production process description and diagram; 5, the product production equipment list; 6, product quality and safety control requirements; 7, special cosmetics manufacturer filing product design packaging ( Including product labels, product data sheet) ; 8, the inspection organizations designated by the food and drug supervision and administration department at the provincial level ( Hereinafter referred to as the inspection institutions) Issued by the inspection reports and related data; A possible security risk in 9, product information on safety assessment of materials; 10, production enterprise hygiene licence photocopy; 11, other entrusted hygiene license copy ( If you have entrusted production) ; 12, entrust agreement copy ( If you have entrusted production) ; 13, may help the record of other materials. Here is to introduce the normal product registration process, for some imported products led a special cosmetics manufacturer, and not the same, I hope this article can really provide useful information for you.
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