The processing cosmetics price: the price of the actually determined by what?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-08
Basically cosmetics manufacturer brand manufacturers are looking for factory to generation of processing, after all, not realistic for a brand to open a factory. But many people after shopping around can discover, basically the processing of the price actually similar, only with poor service, professional, equipment, etc. The processing and cosmetics manufacturer, the price of the hit to a wide range, XJ Beauty tell you, there are mainly: cosmetic processing within the price = + packaging + minimum quantity.

1。 Material: can be in accordance with the brand positioning, request the factory proofing, or to introduce mature formula, the highest cost performance.

2。 Packaging: this price change is very big also, according to the selection of material and process, the corresponding price is different also. First selected brand requirements of packaging material, root package material, more communicate, exchange a few times more, but the price is about the same, large amount of words can obtain more benefits.

3。 Packaging: color box, boxes and other packaging, on the basis of brand design and technology, has the corresponding cosmetics manufacturer offer, but there are certain requirements corresponding quality.

4。 Other fees: factory processing, the processing fees payable item, boxes of processing fee and registration fee.

cosmetics manufacturer brand positioning is the foundation of the process costs affect the generation of

every customer product positioning is different, the price is different also, we need to do is, in the quality of the highest cost performance at the same time, the cosmetic is actually a hard to define product, it is difficult to define the corresponding quality can be worth the price. Cosmetic generation processing, XJ Beauty is on the basis of the customer's request to customize products, or appropriate mature product formula is introduced.

cosmetic generation process needs to have a first products on the budget, to understand the brand market positioning, is a high-end or in the end, or the low end, and then on the basis of brand product positioning to choose materials and packaging materials, cosmetic processing actually did not know how much is the pricing, it is a variable, if the user group is a professional beauty salon line, requirements of quality is better, if walking is electricity, wechat business channels, such as cosmetic line, in order to save money, can choose the relatively low prices.

the price of the cosmetic generation processing based on the minimum quantity to determine

after the brand positioning to book, or select the appropriate materials and packaging materials, affect the price of cosmetics processing is as long as the minimum quantity, minimum quantity, the more the lower the total processing cost. Of course want to do the cheapest price the best product and demand you within certain good material, packaging material, minimum quantity and then talk to manufacturer.

many cosmetic generation processing factories, shop around, and see which the most appropriate oneself, rather than blindly to find low price products. The price not the lowest, as long as the lower, XJ Beauty is a lot of cosmetics brand through the choice of shopping around.

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