【 The processing cosmetics 】 Oily skin moisture

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-29
Spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons, I most afraid of or the arrival of the summer! For oily skin, like a summer always jump is not the past. The temptation of sunshine beach is over but I fear of a full face of glossy. As temperatures rose higher and higher, all day, often sweat, grease and dirt all stick on the face, the highly of, if not completely clean blain blain will regularly visit's face. So oily skin girls unity together, don't want to every day of summer into yet, after the fruits of past experience, this year we XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer generation of processing small make up will be ready early summer required for skin cleaning and maintenance strategy. From the basis of the skin clean, peels, clean face film and moisturizing facial mask. These are all in the summer let's goodbye glossy hold water tender muscles essentials! Below I will introduce and share use heart! Oily skin in the summer in the face is the most the most dirty, I said so but at all! So, clean is very important, it don't need me to ask everyone should understand. But remember that also cannot blindly pursue clean, too clean break on the surface of the water oil balance of skin, it will make his face shine more. When choosing cleanser, can eat dim sum, choose some nice clean and moisturizing efficacy of the product. Rose honey water refreshing formula, contain rose ( ROSA RUGOSA) Floral water, nourish water embellish, pure and fresh and clean skin, moisture, improve skin texture, skin by inside and outside is pure and fresh and bright, smooth.
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