The processing cosmetics need to prepare what data

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-08
Own hand have to scream, cosmetics formula effect is good, but no factories, you are opening a factory felt trouble, but don't want to give up a fortune. As a cosmetics OEM small make up recommend you, of course, is to look for a cosmetics manufacturer OEM production. The processing for the cosmetics need to prepare what? OEM small make up collected some information for your reference: one, register can sell cosmetics company and trademark registered company registered trademark, first time needed for specific registration have to ask your local industrial and commercial bureau, usually around 15 working days. Trademark registration is commissioned factory can make. Second, the product design in general cosmetics manufacturer factory is product design of the service, you should be prepared to do the product concept. Three, to disclose the information 1, the cosmetics production by filing application form 2, to the province, municipal cosmetics supervisory department commissioned production of pre-registration notice shows that has told regulatory documents to the province. ( Entrust both sides in this province is not to provide) 3, the principal and the trustee signed notarized contracts on production and processing and copy of notarial deed, Carry original verification) 。 4, entrusted enterprise and enterprise business license copy ( Carry original verification) ; 5, the trustee cosmetics manufacturer production enterprise health license and cosmetics production license copy; 6, commissioned in the production of cosmetics for special use, the need to provide copy of cosmetics for special approval documents ( Carry original verification) ; 7, entrust production product formula ( Do not include content, except for restricted substances) 。
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