The processing cosmetics need how many money?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
generation process is the price of one of the most concern for every customer, when the customer asked this question, I believe that it is difficult to accurately answer every cosmetics manufacturer. Because each customer's product positioning is different, the price is different also, we need to do is, in the quality assurance of the highest price at the same time, share with you today is how to find the best cost performance. is actually a hard to define product, customer is hard to define the corresponding quality is worth the price. Processing cosmetics manufacturer, general factory is according to the requirements of customers to customize the product, or appropriate mature product formula is recommended. First, we should have good location in the face of what kind of our products customers, if you go professional line, need better quality, of course, if you go the cosmetic line, channels, such as electricity, of course, you save cost, choose the contents with relatively low prices. So good positioning of your product, this is very important. Share with you a form about cosmetics positioning, there is a corresponding new product information in the second place, many cosmetics generation processing factories, light here in guangzhou has more than 1700, every man to buy things when shopping around, and see what is best for themselves, rather than blindly to find low price products. In guangzhou, the price is not the lowest, only lower. It may be the price, you will lose quality. Third, in recent years, cosmetics hot style emerge in endlessly, tend to the fire, manufacturers need to price is also high, but the hot style, after all, is a short, wind and waves will soon in the past, do not be prolonged. Do hot style, but you never do others. XJ Beauty, cosmetics co-packers and share with you a cosmetic generation processing price structure: 1. Content, can according to their location, demand pull, or recommend mature formula, the highest cost performance. 2. Container: this price change is very big also, according to the choice of material and process, the corresponding price is different also. First selected you need packaging, root package material, more communicate, exchange a few times more, basic to know the prices. Need to find the guarantees the quality of the factory. 3. Packaging: color box, boxes and other packaging, according to their own design and process, can be called the corresponding cosmetics manufacturer offer, but must need to have the corresponding quality. 4. The rest of the fees: factory processing, the processing fees payable item, boxes of processing fee, registration fee,
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