The processing cosmetics long blain blain

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-12
A lot of attention to the image of the female friends for blain blain is very deeply, but also particularly evident on the face long blain blain, not only affects the appearance level, and some obsessive-compulsive disorder will often crowded blain blain, after will leave blain to imprint. Believe there are a lot of women feel them, after a night's sleep, the second day of blain blain is involuntary popping up on both sides of the nose, that this is precisely what causes? The cause of long blain blain on the face has a lot of: endocrine flocculant body endocrine disorders, the body and lutein resulting in a decline in estrogen and androgen and secrete hormone imbalance, skin grease is secreted exuberant, naturally lead to aggravate acne breeds. Oily skin for some oily skin in the summer is a kind of disaster, in particular, some women who love makeup, increased the probability of skin give oil to the majority of the crowd of oily skin pores also than the average person is bulky, corneous layer is thicker than the average person, to the state of the skin in the winter return calculate can. But now you can watch to oily skin people face the phenomenon of oil very much, especially on both sides of the nose, the skin is also lead to excessive secretion of oils and fats clog pores a cause of acne. It is anathema to mite mites actually is not just a woman, this is because the mites are everywhere, but all the people and helpless to him, especially in bed sleeping, face a mite, pillow, quilt have mite, those who do not pay attention to personal hygiene of mite is particularly much, so you can make the mites leave a mark on your skin caused the occurrence of blain blain, because mite drain discharge will clog your pores, also can make becomes more and more grease is secreted, form blain blain can cause skin irritation. Lose a lot of people after ate very spicy food stimulation, in the big, red blain blain on nose, this is the body internal heat strong, as a result, it is also more and more young people often eat hot pot or lead to the root cause of the intestines and stomach heat malatang, after the internal heat transfer in the body to the lungs, through a blain blain to send out the situation of the internal heat in the body. These problems will seriously affect the skin, especially annoying pimples. So female friends attention, lose our long blain blain of a friend can be normal in life eat more, pear, black fungus, mushrooms, seaweed, the seaweed contains iodine, methionine and cystine nutrients, is of great help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and irregular routine time result in a sleep time is insufficient, and daily psychological and mental pressure, inappropriate diet can lead to breed irritated cause acne.
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