The processing cosmetics how to determine the formula

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-22
Now fast development of social economy, people's living standards continue to improve, the generation of processing the popular cosmetics, however, a lot of people cosmetic how to determine the formula there is a question that will follow XJ Beauty to look at, cosmetics generation process how to determine the formula? Ingredients: when manufacturers to provide samples to let its composition, and see what add the ingredients, this is to identify the conditions of the product quality. Touch: absorption rate and product reputation, more pure product tactility more delicate, do not contain harmful substances, skin absorption and faster. Cream products fire test method: put a small amount of cream in the ladle heating, if the milk to boil cream behind into shape, fragrant flavour is full-bodied, indicates that the product is reliable, if appear the phenomenon such as spitting, smoking, taste is residual said Moscow, ladle bottom product mineral oil or high filling has expanded, use it may be harmful to the skin. Test of water emulsion method: pour a small amount of the emulsion into the water, if the emulsion floating in the water that contains oilstone ester, can lead to dry skin, clogged pores; If the emulsion glue on the glass that protect skin to taste the main composition of mineral oil, will not affect the skin within the prescribed scope, but form a protective layer of the skin layer don't breathe freely; If the emulsion sink to the bottom shows its main ingredients are heavy metals, long-term use can cause skin damage is very big; If the emulsion and aqueous phase shows the product is very reliable, does not harm the skin. Gently shaking the cup; If the liquid into a milky white suggests that contain emulsifiers in emulsion, may lead to destruction of skin tissue structure, cause skin allergy.
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