【 The processing cosmetics 】 How apply sunscreen is valid

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-29
Sunscreen is summer people an indispensable tool. No matter what the weather, all need to use sunscreen, because even if it is cloudy or rainy day, also can have ultraviolet damage to our skin. So not only need to bask in the sun, the summer always need to use sunscreen. Yet many sister even daub sunscreen, is still a sunburn or sunburn. Then we XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer generation of processing small make up just to tell you, how apply sunscreen is valid: wrong usage 1: use save sunscreen afraid waste with too little, it is better to do not! The skin cannot be completely covered by sunscreen, will inevitably influence is prevented bask in effect. In general, the amount of sunscreen on their faces suggested in 1. About 5 ml ( One yuan coin size) And in this way can the amount of guarantee have 0 per square centimeter of skin. Effective quantity of products covers 3 ml, so as to better play the best efficacy of sunscreen. Wrong usage 2: besmear after sunscreen with oil absorption paper improve glossy use sunscreen if facial skin oily gloss, don't use paper towels or oil absorption to deal with, otherwise it will affect the protective effect. For oily face problem, it is recommended to use sunscreen before daub emulsion containing oil suction powder, or with sweet pink light sweep the skin after use sunscreen. Suggest another selection model of sunscreen. Want to skin is not so fast out of the oil, on the choice of sunscreen must be relaxed, otherwise non-greasy cream with sweat, give a person can't breathe, a full face of hot feeling! Wetherm this sunscreen, super clean and prevent bask in ability is very good. Hundreds of thousands of monthly sales couldn't find a bad review, dual effect with sunscreen, repair and SPF30 sunscreen, PA++ resist uv rays, wipe on the face that water embellish feels! Said of the! Not greasy, waterproof and sweat off! Match again after sun repair mask, hydrating repair, prevent bask in summer.
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