The processing cosmetics from packing to material price variables

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
generation processing price it is a variable, is according to the customer needs to decide, demand is different, the price on there is a big difference. Therefore, the price of the cosmetics generation processing is made of the needs of customers. The processing cosmetics price is one of the most concern for every customer, when the customer asked this question, I believe that every cosmetics processing factory are difficult to answer. Because each customer's product positioning is different, the corresponding price is different also, we need to do is, in quality assurance at the same time, the most valuable today guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics co. , LTD. , tell everybody is, the processing cosmetics price how many? What are the factors to decide? Through these factors and their cosmetics generation processing requirements, generally the price of the generation of processing can still know. generation processing prices roughly is attribute to several factors: material, packaging materials, packaging, minimum quantity and other fees. packaging 1. Packaging: this price change is very big also, according to the selection of material and process, the corresponding price is different also. First selected you need packaging, root package material, more communicate, exchange a few times more, basic to know the prices. 2. Packaging: color box, boxes and other packaging, according to their own design and process, can be called the corresponding manufacturer offer, but must need to have the corresponding quality. 3. Material: can according to their location, demand pull, or recommend mature formula, the highest cost performance. 4. The rest of the fees: factory processing, the processing fees payable item, boxes of processing fee and registration fee. Every customer product positioning is different, the corresponding price is different also, we need to do is, in quality assurance at the same time, the most valuable cosmetics is actually a hard to define the product, it is difficult to define whether the corresponding quality is worth the price. Processing cosmetics, general factory is according to the requirements of customers to customize the product, or appropriate mature product formula is recommended. generation process when we need to have a first products on the budget, to clear their market positioning, is a high-end or in the end, or the low end, again according to your location to select materials and packaging, cosmetics processing is no clear pricing is actually how many money, it is a variable, if the user group is a professional beauty salon line, you need quality is better, if the walk is electricity, wechat business channels, such as cosmetic line, in order to save the cost, can choose the contents with relatively low prices. When the book after positioning, that is, choose the right materials and packaging materials, affect your price is the minimum quantity, minimum quantity, the more you is, the less the processing cost. Want the cheapest price, of course, do the best product and need you in determining the good material, packaging material, minimum quantity, then talk to the cosmetics manufacturer. Many cosmetics generation processing factories, shop around, see what is best for themselves, rather than blindly to find low price products. Price is not the lowest, only lower. We are not only focus on the price of the product should be more focus on the strength of the product manufacturers, make the product quality. Guangzhou XJ only website is a collection of cosmetics Beauty cosmetics factory processing, cosmetics OEM processing, cosmetic generation machining professional cosmetics manufacturers, 20 years cosmetics OEM experience, has a number of national patent invention. Make Chinese luxury cosmetics brand for you!
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