【 The processing cosmetics 】 Common wrong usage

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-29
The same sunscreen use, first whether the price is cheap or expensive, if you are not the right way, so apply the effect is not the same. To make sunscreen can exert the best effect, we XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer generation processing small make up or remind each big love beautiful MM people must use the method, let the sunscreen for your beautiful bonus! Common error 1: coating not only with the soak, prevent bask in article not care products contain physical sunscreen cosmetics must be thoroughly clean. This is very important, especially in the evening, the influence of ultraviolet ray is out of the sun and residual uv absorber must be clean, a lot of sunscreen waterproof properties is good, is more difficult than segregation frost also clean, so ordinary cleanser may can't clean enough to easily cause pore jams, for eye region is easy to cause fat granule. The picture above. Good common mistake 2: apply sunscreen immediately go over many MM besmear bask in go out, look out! Do wrong ~ because the active ingredients in sunscreen must permeate to after corneous layer, can play a protective effect for a long time. Than must be finished in the first 30 minutes before going out to wipe, supplement before going out again, so as to achieve the best sunscreen, or apply sunscreen or suntan oh. Common mistake 3: use the old stock of kaifeng too long sunscreen useless over last year, and continue to use this year? , in fact, once after opening will happen some subtle changes, such as the stability of the sunscreen, antioxidant activity and so on, after a 30 ml of sunscreen on, should be the best in kaifeng in the second half finished, otherwise there is no guarantee that the effectiveness of the product, don't tan then I don't know what is going on. Hope that this paper give a beautiful people can provide to help!
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