The processing box, rising raw materials, cosmetics will rise?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
Recently, the guangdong environmental protection bureau issued a 'guangdong environmental illegal construction project schedule of cleaning', in which hundreds of paper making, printing and packaging enterprises or rectification, or closure. But most cosmetics manufacturer packaging material is paper, so some predict cosmetics packaging material price will rise. Then the prediction on unreliable? Chinese beauty makeup net learned that most of the cosmetics packaging materials manufacturer of paper from the paper mill procurement outside. And the environmental protection supervision mainly aims at is the paper mill. And the paper mill small plant, many are low cost operation can not meet environmental standards, papermaking, printing, packing is an hundreds of corporate consolidation or collapse phenomenon. This not only caused a cosmetics packaging manufacturer paper procurement costs rise sharply, even let enterprise warehouse usually use the carton prices also follow up. Someone may say, the outlet will return to normal. But this time the government seems to be the real thing. Since November 15, 2016, state council executive meeting through the planning of ecological environment protection in 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in', since the central sent inspectorate to the provinces for many times, focus on paper making, printing and other heavily polluting enterprises to carry out rectification. And this time in guangdong's actions is reflected by the central government to the pollution of the determination of the reorganization of the enterprise. So this is by no means a tuyere, and will become the norm. Future papermaking, printing, and other enterprises must invest in environmental protection, in order to achieve national environmental standards. That is to say the paper prices already was the fact that the irreversible. Actually environmental clean up this time for a lot of cosmetics manufacturer packaging material manufacturer does not directly influence, because they has up to standard in the field of environmental protection, but the paper prices rose sharply, forcing them to raise prices. Guangzhou xu letter industrial packaging co. , LTD. , the boss NieJun said prices by at least 15% this year to ensure that don't at a loss. And packaging prices, bound to lead to use of cosmetics packaging materials processing costs, its retail price will increase accordingly, the chain reaction of this is extremely important. But this for is in the midst of the cold winter of cosmetics retail is undoubtedly worse. Actually it is not only in the production of packaging paper, cosmetics OEM all kinds of raw materials are rising. Film of face of cloth, for example, non-woven products co. , LTD. , general manager of guangzhou qian jie degrees chapter show increasing said its price has risen by almost 20% - last year 30%, but the cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer's profit is lower, because the cotton, silk, etc make cloth mask material have risen faster. Raw materials and packaging materials on the rise, so cosmetics products retail price will rise? In this chapter show increasing said even make face film materials on the rise, but he is not willing to choose. He would rather sacrifice part of profit, also don't want to lose part of the customer. But la jahwa co. , LTD. , director of the President's office Cui Hongxi mentioned, in the short term, the upstream raw material rise, will not make the product price of la, because they have enough inventory. But in the long run, the rise in the price of products is inevitable. But for the shampoo, the small price for consumers is not sensitive.
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