The processing at home and abroad cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-03
After a reorganization of the generation of processing enterprises cosmetics, a lot of factories do not have two card one new license, eliminated part compare products cosmetics co-packer. Now customers are looking for a regular cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer to produce their own products, will find foreign cosmetics factory in China, will also find the domestic factories. We are from the factory comparison between these two large hardware and software. Hardware: 1. Factory environment: domestic: the environment is good, there are also environmental garbage factory, especially factories on this side of the guangzhou baiyun district, relative to the environment is good, and huadu and zengcheng factory over there is relatively less. Foreign factories: relatively pay attention to the planning of the factory, and it is just right, overall in the first sense that gives a person is compared tall. 2. Factory equipment: domestic to domestic cosmetics automation manufacturers is relatively little time, basic it is semi-automatic, factory production line is more of course also has, after all in the processing of domestic cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics manufacturer base is very big. Abroad: basic are automatic production line, of course, there are some products is semi-automatic, such as double grooming products such as production. In terms of factory equipment, it is the home of the factory also can't bad, not bad money, capacity not weak. Why a lot of customers are looking for foreign factories in China? This is what I need to say soft power. Domestic cosmetics generation processing with foreign cosmetics manufacturer co-packer contrast of soft power in China: 1. Product research and development capabilities: domestic: you know, basic domestic products are imitation, Japan and South Korea on the other side of the product, what Korean pop, domestic factories began to do. Research and development ability is still poor, of course, all the innovation is at the beginning of imitation. Abroad: research and development ability is much better than domestic. At present domestic factory or at the stage of imitation, but I believe that with the passage of time, the home also can appear some have the strength to do the research and development of plant. 2. Service attitude at home: the processing of domestic cosmetics factory salesman say that the customer is god, basic is only from the customer, as long as the customer's requirements are reasonable, can meet. Abroad: a: maybe it's too many customers, big companies to large cosmetics brand companies, are the department of departments, relatively speaking, there is no domestic salesman service attitude. Large customer, would you choose well-known clients will service better. 3. Minimum quantity and delivery date: domestic domestic factories, the minimum quantity of an order for the requirements of most of them are not too big, and the goods time will be soon, as long as the packaging material in place the basic ship is also a week or so. Abroad: factory relative requirement is too high, for example, is high to the requirement of customers, but also need is a well-known brand, will go to cooperation. The goods time, relative is longer, because the corresponding process will be some more, but these processes are basic to ensure the production of large goods is no problem.
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