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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-29
Introduces a generation of processing cosmetics certificate content < p> 2018 - generation processing cosmetics 08 - 10 17:58:38 < / p> many generations cosmetics customers feel machining process is very cumbersome, but as long as customers provide a few documents for cosmetics and processing factory, so the processing cosmetics factory to most of the work is done, this is the processing cosmetics manufacturers to provide one-stop service. Then, generation processing cosmetics what certificate to need? Summary here: one, certificate, business license processing cosmetics need to provide the business license, what time the requirements for the identification of the business license, certificate ii: trademark certificate in addition to the business license, cosmetics generation process also need trademark, if there is no cosmetics brand, can register a their own brand of cosmetics brand, wenzhou cosmetic processing factory has a professional design team can help customers design trademark, registered trademark agent, trademark review time need 15 working days or so. 'Business license', 'registered trademark' had been reached, the processing and cosmetics factory has confirmed that the pattern, after signing a contract, the customer can basically cosmetics manufacturing processes most of the work to the cosmetics generation processing factory to complete. Most cosmetics processing plant will provide one-stop services cosmetics generation processing services, from formula research and development, material procurement, raw material purchase, on-line production, testing for the record, logistics distribution, these all be handled by the factory, the customer need not busy for these processes, focus on product marketing. If you want to find a good one in wenzhou processing cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer cooperation, do you know a good processing cosmetics factory in wenzhou? That to find!
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