The process of facial mask skin care in the process of mask processing

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-03

When using the mask made by the mask processing factory, the air barrier on the skin and the outside is open, and the skin temperature on the surface is increased, which makes the pores expand, thus facilitating the removal of pores in the dust, remove skin waste and grease-like substances. Quality assurance and low-cost mask processing experts believe that the skin surface will heat up and the capillaries will slowly expand, thus accelerating the deep blood microcirculation of the skin, increasing the vitality of the skin cells and improving the skin fatigue state. Below share the basic principles of facial mask skin care in the process of mask processing.

The principle of wet mask processed by moist skin mask is applicable to the face.The material is tightly wrapped in the mask, so that the skin and the external air barrier are opened.  On the one hand, the water slowly penetrates into the skin of the skin, it can also prevent the loss of water. Therefore, the cells of the stratum corneum begin to absorb water in a humid environment, so that the collagen of the deep cells absorbs water, softening the skin and increasing elasticity.

During the processing of the adsorption pollutant mask, the air barrier on the skin and the outside is open, the skin temperature on the surface is increased, and the pores will be expanded to promote the secretion of sweat glands, this will benefit the removal of external dust, chemical contaminants and microorganisms contaminated by pores. The mask processed on behalf of the mask also helps to eliminate the accumulation of waste and fat-like substances generated by the metabolism of the skin cells. Then the mask in the formation of the film, its adhesive composition will be completely eliminated by harmful 'toxic' substances such as dirt, chemical pollutants, waste, grease and other harmful skin health on the skin surface and pores.

Absorb nutrients to protect the skin mask.The wet mask produced by the company specializing in the processing of the skin mask is deposited on the face, staying for a period of time, so that the substance penetrates into the nutrition or efficacy of the deep skin. In addition to the basic functions mentioned above, the mask processed by the mask can also enhance or increase various effects according to the added substances, such as elastic moisturizing, tightening and lifting, moisturizing and moisturizing, whitening and freckle removing, anti-wrinkle anti-aging, anti-inflammatory detoxification, anti-acne, etc. Water that cannot be evaporated on the surface of the skin will remain in the skin, the moisture on the skin layer, the skin will appear smoother tension, and the fine lines will become shallow. In addition, the temperature of the mask processed by the mask will soften the horny, expand the capillary, expand the pores, and the sweat dirt accumulated inside can be removed. The mask forms a membrane after the face is slowly dried.  In the process of slowly tightening the skin, increasing the tension to form a good stimulation makes the wrinkles on the skin stretch. The wrinkles of the mask processed by the mask can not be seen, and the face is young.                                

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