The original defense + repair is the right skin care pose!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
Sister may skin care every day, but will feel don't have any change, you may think that this time is to use the product is bad or not suitable for you, but have you thought about is your skin care concept is out of date? The skin is to defense right now add repair can make your skin better. 1, why defense? Ultraviolet light can cause skin ageing, spot, or wrinkle this is everyone know ahead of time, so most likely defence ultraviolet damage sister will do, but now to defense has been more than ultraviolet ray, sometimes want to smog and air pollution can also damage the skin, so now the defense is not only to prevent ultraviolet damage to defense against air pollution harm, completes the defense work every day to make the skin a good foundation. 2, how to do? Sunscreen sunscreen should be not only, rub sunscreen every day, remember to you then up, especially the outdoor activities, more have to timely repair sunscreen, because oil, sweat can make sunscreen effect these down. About air pollution problem, there have been many brand attack, so sister can at the same time of considering sunscreen can see the products selected have resistance to air pollution effect, so that we can improve the toughness. 3, to do a good job of cleaning moisture back every day to clean moisturizing, cleaning steps such as not only can reduce the residual cosmetics manufacturer makeup and cleansing can clean dust on her face, etc. , make skin healthy, at the same time do a good job moisturizing, spirit of can make skin more full, to strengthen itself 'resistance', helps to prevent air pollution damage to the skin. 4, repair the defensive work also don't forget to do repair work at the same time, because the skin may have been hurt before, so to do repair and maintenance, to keep skin young vigor. Repair in the first place to add 'energy', wake up the original repair mechanism, restrain harm the skin factor, and then for skin problems such as dry lines, choose suitable type repair essence to maintain, let nutrients play the best effect. Even daub cream sealed full of nutrients for the skin. With repair function of the cream, sealed earlier infusion in the repair of skin nutrients, even in the face of the upcoming autumn winter season, also do not worry about skin make 'mood!
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