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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-04
The new law to cosmetic surgery more secure < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:27 < / p> at the beginning of 2007, the state administration for industry and commerce, the ministry of health issued the implementation of the new 'measures for the management of medical advertisement' ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'measures for the administration of') , caused quite a stir in the national health industry, medical industry and medical hairdressing serves as a zhengzhou's booming powerhouse in recent years, the implementation of the how the regulations? The regulation of the zhengzhou medical beauty industry will cause what kind of impact? Cosmetic industry will be how to deal with? On February 26, the reporter visited the famous specialists in our province, Oriental medical cosmetic surgery hospital - — Ms He Jie. Reporter: the state administration for industry and commerce, the ministry of health issued the 'measures for the administration of' came into effect on January 1, 2007, as the domestic plastic industry is powerful specialists, what do you think of the cosmetic surgery industry, especially in a leading position in technology of your hospital, is a good thing or a bad thing? The eastern plastic and will be how to improve their competitiveness? He Jie: first of all, I think for consumers and the whole medical beauty industry, the 'measures for the administration of the' must be a good thing, can maximize the purification of medical institutions in the promotion of the space, let the consumer can choose medical cosmetology organization more accurately, plainly consumption. The new law, cosmetic surgery will be more beautiful. And our hospital has always been based on technical superiority as the key competitiveness. We will continue to do better in terms of technology and service, continuous upgrading of the technological level of the hospital, with an emphasis on consumer word of mouth publicity. Abroad, we will, as always, committed to the social public welfare undertakings, and make the brand 'Oriental plastic' into people's heart. Reporter: in just a few years time, the technical strength of Oriental medical cosmetic surgery hospital have cognitive by insiders. Especially the public welfare, who successfully built the three members of the opposite sex addiction patients, relieve the pain of the life for them, by the people's attention; And on the liposuction technique has been in the domestic leading position; In addition, you also in bone grinding technology innovation. At the same time, your hospital has gained widely and a lot of praise from all walks of life. Then, in 2007, how would your hospital to bring us more surprises? He Jie: first of all, can get recognition we feel happy, also thank the support and great kindness from all walks of life in the province. In addition, I don't think we should let consumers abroad can enjoy world-class cosmetic surgery techniques, such as: we are the first in the province in 2006, a huge sum of money to introduce Germany hydrodynamic liposuction weight loss technology, many consumers have experienced the international first-class technology of the safety and effect reducing weight. We plan combined the Oriental today newspaper in 2007 launched the 'happy march eighth, the most beautiful women love action' large-scale public welfare activities, the hospital will be enlisted in the province's most beautiful women in the position, free to do what needs to be plastic. At that time, the Chinese and foreign experts gathered in our hospital, will give the real surprise and favorable to consumers ( For details, please call: 0371 - 67449966). 。 Make consumer satisfaction of products, and a New Year is our new target brand hospital. It is not hard to see, He Jie dean's answer is to build a mature and stable development of cosmetic industry in henan, the practitioners of this kind of rational and calm is based on the hospital high quality service. The pursuit of beauty and health is the mainstream of life in the 21st century, with the vigorous development of the medical cosmetic industry, industry management laws and regulations also will be more and more standard and perfect, and consumers also will be more and more rational to choose reliable hospital. This determines the medical cosmetic industry only by the exquisite technology and good service to the long-term development. We also believe that at the same time, more and more developed medical hairdressing technology, will bring our life more colorful!
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