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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-04
The new cosmetics hygienic practice or years < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:00 < / p> in xi 'an recently held the third China beauty leaders at the annual meeting, originally scheduled for the first half of this year's edition 'cosmetics health standard' in 2006 is expected to be introduced in the second half of the year. According to introducing, the new 'cosmetics health standard' refer to the European Union, the United States FDA, federation of Japanese cosmetics related specification, on the structure and the 2002 edition is roughly same, but are more strict. Added new human trials of new specification in April 21 to June 25 for advice on the net, at present basically has been finalized, after fully solicit opinions from the enterprise will be introduced this year. Said many cosmetics production enterprises, have already seen draft, state the move is intended to standardize the market, help to promote the development of the industry. Participate in the new 'cosmetics health standard' of the ministry of health cosmetics standards committee, deputy director of the committee and professor liu wei our reporter, on the structure, the 2006 edition 'cosmetics health standard' is consistent with the 2002 version, which is divided into general, toxicological test methods, health, chemical testing method, microorganism inspection method, human safety and efficacy evaluation of five parts. The new part v of the 'cosmetics health standard' in human body safety and efficacy evaluation test method, more than 2002 new sunscreen PFA experiment and waterproof anti-perspiration experiment. Liu wei, a professor at the introduction to our reporter, in addition to the new experiment, the new 'cosmetics health standard' to modify the old experiment is done. Such as patch experiment, human trial, etc. , there are a lot of changes. Made more changes to the old version in the general section, for dye hair products, have the bigger alter, only 94 kinds of hair dyes that can be used. For the application of new raw material of cosmetics, there is also a new regulation. Such as raw material, without approval of the new applied in ordinary cosmetics belong to illegal, used in cosmetics for special you will need to provide the clinical test report. In the part, microbiological method, increase the detection method of mold and yeast.
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