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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-08
The ministry of health informed about Johnson's baby cosmetics manufacturer related problem < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:08 < / p> notification about Johnson's baby cosmetics related problem recently, some news media about India found 'Johnson &johnson baby cosmetics containing does not like to use' reports of a widespread social concern is caused. On this question, I attach great importance to and actively through official channels to contact with Indian authorities to understand the status of related events; At the same time, entrust Shanghai food and drug administration for Johnson & Johnson ( China) And baby cosmetics co. , LTD. , production site investigation, and verify the enterprise formulation. Is presently as follows about the briefing: one, the nature of the liquid paraffin, stable, easy to emulsification, is commonly used in domestic and foreign cosmetics skincare ingredients, is widely used in many kinds of cosmetics, including baby cosmetics manufacturer. According to expert introduction, so far, scientific research has not yet found the liquid paraffin itself can cause cancer. Second, most countries in 'cosmetics health standard' reference cosmetics health standards, provides for disabled and restrict the use of cosmetics raw materials. In infants with cosmetic, in terms of microbial indicators and restrict the use of raw materials made more strict rules. The liquid paraffin is not prohibited, restricted substances. production enterprises should be carried out in strict accordance with the enterprise standard production, enterprise standards shall not be lower than China's relevant laws, regulations, norms and standards requirements. Shanghai municipal health bureau and other relevant administrative departments of Johnson &johnson, routine supervision and inspection, and on March 23, 2005 was not found in the supervision and inspection of j&j is illegal. Three, so far, the cosmetics manufacturer health supervision and adverse drug reactions monitoring in our country, has not yet found cosmetics because of containing liquid paraffin and cause harm to human body health. The health ministry's press office on 25 March 2005
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