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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-07
Health ministry notice cosmetics adverse reactions monitoring institution decides that the work < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:18 < / p> < p align = center> general office of the ministry of health, and determination of cosmetics adverse reactions monitoring institutions work notice < / p> < p> the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government health bureaus, the xinjiang production and construction corps health bureau: < / p> < p> in order to strengthen the cosmetics adverse reaction monitoring work, expanding the scope of the monitor, I decided to existing 13 adverse reactions monitoring mechanism based on cosmetics, identifying part conform to the requirements of the adverse drug reactions monitoring institutions cosmetics, included in the ministry of health cosmetics adverse reactions monitoring network, day-to-day monitoring task. Will now related matters notice is as follows: < / P> < P> around a, please according to the actual work needs, recommend 1-2 home units that meet the following conditions apply for acknowledging and cosmetics adverse reactions monitoring agency qualification: < / P> < P> ( A) Level 3 first-class hospital aptitude, with skin professional department, and volunteered for the cosmetics adverse reactions monitoring network; < / P> < P> ( 2) To arrange the specialist is responsible for the adverse drug reactions monitoring cosmetics, and monitoring task according to the requirement; < / P> < P> ( 3) Mastering cosmetics skin disease diagnosis technology; < / P> < P> ( 4) A patch test and spot test diagnosis methods, such as the required instruments and laboratory equipment, medical imaging conditions. < / P> < P> 2, I will organize experts to review of filing materials, and through a written audit unit on-site audit, according to actual needs expert group audit opinion and the monitoring work, determination and the cosmetics manufacturer adverse reactions monitoring agency unit list. < / P> < P> around three, please help inform recommended units in March 31, 2008 in accordance with the following contact information submitted the cosmetics adverse reactions monitoring agency application form and related application materials in writing. < / P> < P> contact unit: Chinese center for disease control and prevention, environment and health related product safety ( Address: chaoyang district of Beijing panjiayuan 7 in the south, 100021) < / P> < P> contact: Yao Xiao yuan HuoBenXing < / P> < P> tel: 010 - 67779986010 - 67719394; Fax: 010 67719392 < / P> < P align = right> March 12, 2008 < / P>
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