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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-07
The ministry of health law supervisor department informed about yukon hair cosmetics regulatory issues related to < p> 2017 - 03 - Method of 16 13:26:15 < / p> who monitor feed dinner-table [ 2003] Various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government health department (127 Bureau) , the ministry of health health supervision center: in view of the problems arising from the yukon hair cosmetics regulatory, now to the yukon hair class cosmetics connotation definition and make the following regulation: regulation, yukon hair cosmetics connotation definition should be to 'cosmetic health supervision regulations, implementing rules' in yukon hair cosmetics is defined, namely 'help hair growth, reduce hair loss and hair cosmetics'. Second, advertising, packaging and other ordinary cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics for special campaigns appear similar to the definition of the description of the function category, health supervision departments should be timely warning to the enterprise, and shall be ordered to improve within a time limit. 3, production enterprise in the ordinary cosmetics propaganda should be avoided easily confused with function or effect of description and terms, can not have expanded publicity. On 22 April 2003 cc: spices flavor cosmetics industry association in China
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