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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-07
The ministry of health issued cosmetics new rules problem should be timely recall < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:36 < / p> < p> yesterday ( 21) , the ministry of health issued 'cosmetics production enterprise health standards ( The 2007 edition) Effect ', August 1. New specification requirements, cosmetics production enterprise shall establish a system of adverse drug reactions monitoring report, if a significant health product quality problem, should be recalled in a timely manner. < / P> < P> new specification stressed that cosmetics health quality problems or defects, could pose a health hazard to the human body, cosmetics production enterprises should quickly and take timely action. Recall of the product should be noted, including name, batch number, specification, quantity, and address, reasons for the recall and recall unit date, processing, and separately stored in a secure place, waiting for the decision. Recall of cosmetics for sanitary quality reasons, should be timely treatment. ( Reporter Guo Ying) < / P> < P> xinhua: 21 of the ministry of health issued 'cosmetics production enterprise health standards ( The 2007 edition) 'Regulation, cosmetics production enterprises should be built in the area of environmental sanitation clean, around 30 meters shall not have may affect product safety of pollution sources; May produce toxic or harmful factors in the production process of the production workshop, should with the residential area is not less than 30 meters between health protection distance. < / P> < P> Beijing morning post: product 100% efficient, spot set net and so on propaganda, labels, language will not appear in the publicity and cosmetics manufacturer packaging. < / P> < P> on April 21, the ministry of health of health supervision bureau again on the 'cosmetics label management norms' to solicit comments from society. According to the paper, cosmetics label content must be real, scientific, complete, cannot suggested by the function of the publicity materials products actually don't have or do not allow the publicity function. < / P> < P> the ministry of health issued by the 07 version cosmetics hygienic practice implementation on July 1, < / P> < P> the web site of the ministry of health, the health ministry recently issued by the 'cosmetics health standard' ( The 2007 edition) , decided to carry it out since July 1, 2007, to strengthen the supervision and administration of cosmetics, keep with the international standard for cosmetics in China. < / P> < P> the revised cosmetics test with limited material list. One is according to eu rules on cosmetics and health, an increase of 790 kinds of banned substances, is now a total of 1286 kinds of banned substances. The second is the 'hair dye raw material list' published in 2005 by the ministry of health into the specification limit with the raw material list; Three is to preservatives, sunscreen, coloring, hair dye in the part of raw materials have been adjusted, such as delete, increase and change with limited conditions. < / P>
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