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The ministry of health announced 2003 cosmetics skin disease monitoring situation < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:20 < / p> skin disease induced by the ministry of health to learn cosmetics, strengthen the cosmetics health supervision, safeguard consumers' health, the ministry of health of organization of the Chinese people's liberation army air force general hospital in 2003, Shanghai changzheng hospital skin venereal hospital, tianjin, chongqing, the first people's hospital and the third affiliated hospital of zhongshan university and other cosmetic skin disease diagnosis mechanism for the monitoring of cosmetic skin disease occurrence. Cosmetic dermatology monitoring shows that as of November 2003, five hospitals according to the diagnostic criteria and principles of management of cosmetic dermatology ( The general) ( GB17149. 1 - 1997). 7 items, such as skin disease diagnosis diagnosis to the national standard, skin diseases, 565 cases were detected by cosmetics. 565 cases male 34 cases, 531 cases of women, the onset age, mainly in the 20 ~ 40 years, cosmetic contact dermatitis in the most common, and the other was followed by cosmetics abnormal skin pigmentation, acne, of photosensitive dermatitis induced by cosmetics of hair damage, cosmetics and cosmetic damage ( See attachment 1) 。 Cause the skin cosmetics a total of 12 classes, 693 species ( See attachment 2) , caused by the ordinary cosmetics cosmetics skin disease, a total of 327 cases of 57. 9%; Caused by the special use cosmetics cosmetics skin disease, a total of 177 cases of 31. 3%; By beauty salon homemade products and '3 without' product ( Index sign identification without hygiene license, hygiene license or approval documents without production enterprise name address and no valid id) Cosmetic skin diseases caused by 61 cases, accounting for 10. 8%. skin disease monitoring showed that the skin disease incidence appeared two characteristics, on the one hand, compared with the previous data, five cosmetic dermatology hospital monitoring increases year by year, become a dermatologist one of common diseases, to the most common of contact dermatitis induced by cosmetics. At the same time, the cosmetics is difficult to restore or irreversible skin damage caused by severe cases are also on the rise. But haven't found injuries caused by cosmetics group. On the other hand, the diversity of pathogenic cosmetics to skin care and spot products. Beauty salon homemade products and '3 without' product and acne products cosmetics manufacturer skin diseases caused by relatively few cases though, but caused by skin disease is often more difficult to recover and irreversible serious pathological changes, should be taken seriously. 5 hospitals according to the monitoring result analysis, the main cause of cosmetic dermatology is: 1, the cosmetics health quality is unqualified, such as cosmetics illegal add banned substances or restricted substances. Illegal enterprises, for example, often in the spot irregularities in the products add and hydroquinone, phenol, phenol has strong corrosive, hydroquinone is likely to lead to depigmentation. 2, consumers have allergic constitution, choose cosmetics inappropriate or improper use. Use cosmetics, for example, did not read product manual in detail before or no skin sensitization test accordingly. 3, exaggerated propaganda, label and leaflets and mislead consumers. 4, beauty salon, improper use of cosmetics for the consumer. It should be pointed out that, cosmetic dermatology clinic and improper handling are often to be suffered illness of one of the important factors. Consumers in beauty salon use cosmetics, for example, adverse reactions, some of the beauty salon not only let consumers stop using cosmetics, not in time to treatment for the consumer, also makes some consumers because of improper handling with contact dermatitis in delay no more, progress to become difficult to cure pigment abnormalities, great physical and mental damage to consumers. In view of the above situation, the ministry of health asked relevant departments for: 1, strengthen the cosmetics skin disease diagnosis mechanism with local health supervision department of information communication. To cause serious skin lesions or more cases of skin cosmetics manufacturer, health administrative departments to take timely measures to find out the source, and to test the quality of their health. Beyond the report to the ministry of health of the province for circulation. 2, the local health administrative departments should strengthen the supervision and examination of the kind of cosmetics and beauty salon homemade acne cosmetics, and increase of homemade products and the '3 without' product investigation dynamics. 3, local health administrative departments should enhance the supervision to the beauty salon, to strengthen the health of beauty salon staff training of knowledge and regulations, strictly regulate the business practices of beauty salon. 4, cosmetics production enterprises and business units to the cosmetics truthfully introduce themselves to the consumers, including possible adverse reactions, treatment measure and taboo crowd, correctly guide consumers to choose cosmetics, shall not be exaggerated. Consumers to understand certain cosmetic health knowledge and rules knowledge actively, properly choose cosmetics, improve the self-protection ability, not timely after using cosmetics should be stopped in time, and to the regular hospital.
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