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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-09
< p> the Ministry of Commerce to the beauty salon industry classification and grading - 2017 03 - 16 13:25:12 < / p> source: people's blossoming hairdressing hospital is not without its guild regulations - — Formulated by the Ministry of Commerce 'interim measures for the hairdressing industry management' has been implemented. Ministry of Commerce, business reform, head of the department said, according to the 'method', beauty salon industry will develop standardization construction. Beauty salon service quality about consumers' health and safety, but now the industry in service technology, operating rules, quality of service aspects such as the lack of corresponding standard system, the Ministry of Commerce will be on the basis of the standardization law grasping the organization make the hairdressing industry opening conditions and professional hairdressing industry is the industry standard for classification and grading. Seemingly beautiful 'or' hairdressing market widespread business behavior is not standard, industry management does not reach the designated position, etc. Consumers reflect strong commercial departments will focus on regulation of commercial fraud, determined to crack down on unlicensed operation, use of fake and shoddy products, and false advertising and other illegal ACTS; Build a 'blacklist' system, to social public of faithless and personnel of enterprises in violation of regulations, in violation of the relevant laws and regulations will be to the relevant departments in accordance with the law, punishment, form of dishonest violations of the punishment mechanism. The head said it would strengthen guidance to the development of hairdressing industry, study and formulate industry development plan, implementation of chain, such as brand new service and modern mode of operation, advocate scientific management concept and new technology, develop community service, cultivating brand in the industry. To implement enterprise information for the record registration, set up industry information system, release information market management, investment advisory, guide the scientific consumption; Promote the integrity of the service industry, forming the self-discipline mechanism, management norms, honesty and trustworthy enterprises will expand its social influence. Industry experts will also form a team, to promote professional and technical training. The director also pointed out that the role of industry organization at present in the hairdressing industry has not been well reflected. In fact industry association ( Chamber of commerce) There are a lot of work to do, such as information, consulting and other services, create good environment for enterprise development; Supervision enterprise in accordance with the law, the legitimate rights and interests maintenance operators; More forms to improve the quality of the practitioners; Establish technical committee, mediation of consumer disputes, etc. Local commerce departments will strengthen coordination in this regard.
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