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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-08
The medical definition of beauty and life beauty and management < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:39 < / p> definition and standard management is inevitable trend and the needs of the development of beauty industry: 1. Countries to protect the beauty industry and the social images of the beauty industry recognized need 2. 3 set access system and the rules of the game needs. Education training and professional technical science development the inevitable trend of medical beauty and life beauty defined cosmetology - — To study and improve the science of physical beauty appearance. Medical cosmetology - — By means of medical science to meet the people of looks fit lightning aesthetic requirements. Life cosmetology - — Through life cosmetics manufacturer and clothes to wear to improve appearance shape beauty. 4. For example, 1) The era of human society, racial, ethnic, geography, customs, culture and social system and so on, human understanding of the connotation of beauty is different. ( 2) Human body beauty evaluation should include physical beauty and inner beauty. ( 3) The ancient said the unity of form and god. ( 4) West said meat and spiritual harmony. For each and every one of us today in order to improve the shape and appearance shape beauty, explore and reveal the appearance shape aesthetic law and science to work hard. Medical hairdressing cosmetic practitioners life title dispensable regular higher education training education degree or DaiTu management place similar salon barbershop medical institutions to take a bath center access system strictly practice exam broad employment training shape to improve the improvement of physical environment, human organs, pathological physiology structure means the leather and skin hairdressing cosmetic surgery organization change massage swab coated bubble is an extension of the classification of medical development sublimate life quality is improving health administrative domestic trade of industrial and commercial administrative department of labor security and so on real life example 1 a eye doctors working in a hospital, a few years ago the sea runs a beauty salon, patients with infection court in double eyelid surgery, surgery itself is successful, because beauty salon is not a medical institution and lost. Case 2 beauty parlor itself was a fix to improve human body lofty places of beauty, but some of the administrative law enforcement, due to the imperfect laws and regulations and individual operators cynical, makes the entire industry is some misunderstanding in society. Specification management: 1. Opening, bureaucracy conditions ( Hardware and software) 2 and formulate management regulations. Clear practitioners of the assessment content and technical titles columns and 3 grade standard. The degree of education ( Write to determine teaching material, curriculum setting, the test standard) 4. Determine the market and industry competent administrative department ( And efficient) 5 name medical hairdressing, health beauty salon, medical beauty clinic, the door according to the department ( Health and beauty) And so on. License issuing for-profit medical institutions. Life beauty: beauty salon, beauty shop, barbershop, bath center, massage parlors, etc. Industrial and commercial business license. I hope you can understand, define and standardize the management is the age requirement of any industry development to a certain stage, is to protect the experience, the means of maintaining the management rights as, is the inevitable trend of industry development. We work in the future, maintaining the industry to operate legitimate rights, cooperate with the industry policies and regulations. Information source: China's beauty industry network
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