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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-11
The meaning of the cosmetics health batch number < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:09 < / p> cosmetics manufacturer health in the batch number printed on the xK, 'QG', 'JK' is what meaning, what is the relationship between it and product properties. in terms of its effect, and can be divided into general skin care cosmetics, toiletries, and special products. General items such as shampoo, cream, lipstick, facial cleanser, etc. , it on the skin, hair, only the 'normal' role in cleaning and maintenance. All this kind of product, the production license and who makeup is a kind of marked 'XK' letters. Special cosmetics is a deodorant, whitening, large breasts, hair, hair removal, sunscreen, spot, dyeing, strong and handsome, Weight loss, etc. ) Special products of various kinds of special function. This kind of cosmetics chemical factors is relatively strong, in use process happen is relatively high, the risk of side effects. Production and distribution of this kind of cosmetics, therefore, must have a permit for special use cosmetics manufacturer, these products have the production license and who makeup is a kind of 'QG' two letters are marked. If some cosmetics on the manual claims to have the special effect, but no special license cosmetics, without 'QG' two letters in the batch number, or just the 'xK', which means this item without approval. In addition on imports, and now there are a lot of people when buying imported goods like pick all of them are foreign, they think that only authentic authentic imports, this stuff is accompanied by Chinese is authentic. This is a misunderstanding. According to regulations, all imported goods, regardless of household appliances and cosmetics and food, go through business pick up and Chinese instructions must be attached to the sales. Only through import commodity inspection, the quality is guaranteed. Those articles, only foreign languages. At least shows that its source is not straight, it is 'gray', even a fake. Accordingly, when consumer is buying imported goods, it is important to note two points: one to see whether there is import commodity inspection marks; Second, we must look have English description. All that imports must have the ministry of health in the cosmetics imported cosmetics licensing approval documents, the permission on the batch number should be marked with 'JK' letters. Otherwise bought very easily fooled.
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