The little red book, video, live broadcast, such as marketing, find out the Chinese rise

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27

from the red book, trill, quickly, zhihu, B station, such as live platform, from online to offline sales channels, where consumers have the Chinese beauty makeup, the marketing of China's rise is not only the domestic cosmetics manufacturer brands in the spring, and cosmetics manufacturer generation of processing enterprises in the spring.

the little red book

recently at the time of going to the little red book, see a lot about the Chinese test, feel now air really can play more and more, as a fairy, certainly also unable to control his hand, especially the thumb up 30000 + the little red book 'air' cosmetics, cheap and good, and conforms to the Chinese type of skin in particular, is none inferior than foreign big shop sign, really worth 'chop hand'

trill, quickly

'oh my god, buy it! 'When jia-qi li live in began to appear more and more Chinese beauty makeup, the rise of Chinese beauty makeup is already a trend which cannot be ignored.

online and offline to

this year during the activity, 618 Tmall platform, there are 589 Chinese brand turnover year-on-year growth of 100% last year, 183 Chinese beauty makeup brand rose 1000%, Chinese beauty makeup is to grab the market share at an astonishing speed.

cosmetics generation of processing enterprises by dongfeng

in the Chinese market development of dongfeng, beauty makeup to the flow of a new generation of consumers, the Chinese beauty makeup rapid rise. In the face of the increasingly diverse selection, consumers begin to more 'intelligent' consumption, this is the main reason for the Chinese rise. To break through the limitations of local cosmetics manufacturer generation processing industry, a lot of local cosmetics enterprises in technology innovation actively, with innovative products abroad, such as beauty and anti-aging research institute, leading industry on the core technology products, has won the acceptance of people both at home and abroad, also won the favour of the processing of many brands, more than 3000 brand selection processing cooperation with us, is the final answer.

the rise of new goods such as cosmetics, is becoming a hot topic now consumer market, domestic beauty makeup in the heat of the domestic market is also growing. But from the point of the global cosmetics market, Chinese local cosmetics brand to attract international capital is still insufficient. Product innovation, opening up more sales channels, firmly grasp every market consumption hot spots.

XJ Beauty for a long time, adhere to the Beauty industry enterprises with technology, product innovation, grasp the Chinese rise tide, help many brand win the market, you want to do the processing cosmetics? Welcome to consultation.

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