The little red book 'data' : grass planting on cosmetics goods sparked the trend

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27
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this is not the fairy grass planting, every day just in 2019 started

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it's little red book, and according to the data showed that more than 5 million users in a small red book air and grass planting, discussion, 'after 90' and 'after 95' is the main crowd accounted for 61%. So, domestic brand cosmetics or have a good development opportunity.

seems to be casual, air became the darling of each that wraps the little red book 'grass' data released a set of home products, data showed that more than 5 million users in the grass and discuss the Chinese little red book, 'after 90' and 'after 95' is the main population accounted for 61%. In fact, Chinese goods consumption main force is the 'after 90' as the main body 'the tide of youth'. Buy, with air, bask in air, has become a 'youth' the tide of a new kind of daily life.

the little red book, according to the data provided in the first half of 2019, the little red book platform about air year-on-year growth of 116% last year, the number of notes more than 5 million users in the little red book 'grass' and discuss the Chinese. In the little red book of Chinese notes, 'quality', 'parity', 'match' is mentioned three key words. The little red book is generally willing to high quality and can improve the appearance level 'of the Chinese.

in the little red book, is an admirer of air 'after 90' and 'after 95' proportion is as high as 61%. Open data also showed that at 18 In the 65 - year - old consumer groups, said would rather spend a little money to buy the percentage of domestic sportswear brands, up from 15% in 2010 to 19% in 2018.

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