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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-04
The little knowledge you learned apply face film? < p > 2019 - 05 - 06 09:45:47 < / p > in a blink of time going to the summer, summer is the most relaxing time is to hold a ice watermelon lying in air conditioning room apply the mask on the face of ice cold. If you also used to have a facial mask to accompany days, found after apply the mask skin condition is not improved, that today I teach you this a few small knowledge apply face film. 1, the mask can't apply the mask every day every day really can let skin hydration, easy access to impaired barrier function of red and sensitive skin, normal frequency, apply face film should be normal skin no more than three times a week, sensitive muscle once a week. 2, the mask is tested on sensitive skin that is in itself a honey of b of arsenic, now many various web celebrity face film, like the small lovely certainly follow many, but each face film composition itself has the very big difference, must now after ear and wrist test whether allergy, if you do not see any red allergies, can be at ease use. 3, apply face film time cannot too long patch mask generally not more than 15 minutes, especially tencel silk material of mask itself is not that strong water imbibition, gas permeability and high dry soon, this time don't loathe to give up or not less than the effect of filling water, but also absorb the moisture of the skin itself. 5 is washing a face, apply the mask to mask essence must wash off, especially contains the essence of preservatives, a bottle of normal skin care bottles of preservatives content at about 1 g, and a film of face of preservative content will be about 2 g, you guess, apply the mask to the skin not to wash? 6, apply the mask to protect skin mask does not achieve essence cream skin effect, so, this all have some steps, the follow-up skin care also have to keep up with. 7, apply the mask mask after opening can't reuse evening bag, there are a lot of essence, can put the film absorbed it back, the rest of the essence to apply again the next day, absolutely can't, because the mask contains much super nutrients at the same time, there is a liquid viscous damp environment, easy to breed bacteria after opening. Above is a little knowledge about apply face film, hope to help you fairies, summer also want to meimei dalai!
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