The launch of the vacuum flask has brought great convenience

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-16
Vacuum packaging technology is a new concept, has the advantage. The packaging technology has helped many new brand and new formula go public. Vacuum packing once the assembly is completed, the filling packaging consumers to use process, almost negligible air can into the container, pollution or decomposed contents. This is the advantages of vacuum packing - It for the packing of the product provides a safe air, avoid contact with air, reduce is likely to change and oxidation occurred, especially in urgent need of protection and delicate natural ingredients, to avoid a preservative called on opposition, vacuum packaging to extend the shelf life of products is more important. Cosmetics container material generally is divided into 5 kinds, plastic bottles, glass bottles, hose, vacuum flask, and color box. Plastic material is commonly PP, PE, K, AS, ABS, acrylic, PET, because now pay attention to environmental protection and health of renewable, plastic bottle production cycle and production costs are relatively cheap, so the larger proportion of plastic bottles on the market at present. The purpose of the glass bottles for cosmetics mainly divides into: skin care products ( Cream, emulsion) , perfume, essential oil, nail polish a few categories of smaller capacity, greater than 200 ml capacity is rarely used in cosmetics. Glass is divided into jar, narrow mouth bottle, solid paste jars, is commonly used in appropriate electrochemical aluminum cover or plastic lid, cap can make colour such as injection effect. Emulsion or water-based paste narrow mouth bottle, is commonly used in appropriate with the pump head, attention should be paid to prevent spring and ball rust, now most of the pump head with glass beads, ingredients usually take test for test, such as stuffed with LIDS, with holes in the plug, water emulsion is thicker with big hole plug. Glass materials are consistent, modelling is more, the processing technology, rich and diversification cap collocation, common bottle shape is cylindrical, elliptic, flat look, prismatic, cone, etc. Vacuum flask is made of the spheroid container and a piston, through the spring force, don't let the contraction force air into the bottle, and then use the atmospheric pressure to the piston forward. But we should pay attention to is not able to make between the piston and the bottle wall contraction force is too large, or we can be particularly difficult to promote. Of course, if special force can advance will also have an impact on the normal use, leak, hence high to the requirement of the cosmetics manufacturer. Can say the launch of the vacuum flask has brought great convenience, especially for female cosmetic industry. 492. HTML keywords: cosmetic bottles cosmetics manufacturer, cosmetic plastic containers, cosmetic containers
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