【 The latest cosmetics industry news 】 Cosmetics and biological industry era has come, innovation is the fundamental

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19

cosmetics and biological industrial convergence era has come, some people say the cosmetics manufacturer industry to cope with environmental changes, causing concern. Have cosmetics companies extracted from sales quite high proportion, devoted to research and development.

while the cosmetic industry currently looks in good condition, but the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, in the long run, there will be technical environment changes. These changes include skin science ( 皮肤科) And cosmetics manufacturer ( 化妆品) Combining the Derma is becoming popular, using botox, hyaluronic acid and other biological technology open skin areas, sales stem cell culture .

recently, many pharmaceutical and biotechnology enterprises is the main cosmetics companies to extract more from sales funds into research and development. XJ Beauty according to the application of new technologies, new materials in world-class protect skin to taste, XJ Beauty consists of seven research institute, is also in order to better innovation, keep up.

according to Golden Bridge securities issued in 2017, the main cosmetics enterprises with the fabrication, the r&d department, according to the comparison of amorepacific r&d 118. 6 billion won the year 2017, accounting for sales 2. On research and development 119. 8 billion won 3%, LG life health, accounts for the proportion of sales 2. 8%.

on the contrary, biological pharmaceutical enterprise MedyTox from sales of 26. 1 billion won on research and development, accounting for more than 14. 4%; Hugel and bear pharmaceutical extraction respectively 4. 5 billion won, 102. 1 billion won, the equivalent of three sales. 4%, 12. 2% of the expenses on research and development; In addition, South Korea and the united pharmaceutical drugs, east countries, liu took sales proportion of 18 Korean foreign firm, respectively. 6% ( 170. 6 billion won) , 3. 8% ( 12. 3 billion won) And 7. 1% ( 103. 7 billion won) In the research and development.

from the international perspective, the multinational pharmaceutical companies each year take out trillions of ~ 10 trillion won more than the cost of investment research and development, if not actively deal with the technical development of cosmetics manufacturer enterprises, 10 ~ 20 years later very likely in stagnant growth.

in addition still need to pay attention to the change of marketing environment. This is because the focus of the future will be based on clinical data from marketing functional shift.

Golden Bridge securities researcher Ha Taegi said 'cosmetics original stimulus perceptual properties will continue, but the proportion will be reduced, now it is necessary to consider the proportion of research and development of the original investment from 2 ~ 3% to above 5%. '

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