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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-12
Introduction to the brotherhood of series of OEM brand cosmetics cosmetics < p> 2018 - of OEM brand 07 - 27 09:55:32 < / p> although the life rhythm speeding up, a lot of people are not given the attention of the hardest areas of the body, doing all sorts of things hand every day, every day to let you go to various places of feet. The importance of care seems to arouse people's attention, in fact, they are very tiny fragile. The parsing of OEM brand cosmetics, hand is the second image, see a hand can tell a person's accomplishment, identity, and taste. Pianist hand flexible and long, and not a proud flesh, and often work hand is rough. If there is no maintenance good can make the hand feel is cang injury time. And the foot is the foundation of the human body, standing and aesthetic needs the support of the foot and give more. For a long time to do care for hand, foot and can bring a certain degree of efficacy for health. So how to choose the brotherhood of cosmetics? 1 white swan neck mask contains natural plant repair force, relieve and repair skin, soft neck, improve skin texture, improve skin elasticity, firming skin, make the neck skin tender, elastic, tight, bright young watercolor. 2 take rhyme nursing membrane ( Hip film) It contains active ingredients such as ginger root oil, moxa leaf extract, slow and repair skin, make skin water embellish smooth elastic at the same time improve skin, fade skin fine lines, carry bright color of skin, skin fresh and smooth. Outside cool heating and custom orchid sweet atmosphere unique texture, make skin for unlimited wonderful experience. 3 came nectar hand membrane containing orchid ( 兰花) Extract, provide water for hand skin, relieve dry and make hands soft and smooth, its moisturizing without greasy feeling, specially added orchid extract, jade like orchid, quietly elegant of faint scent. 4 tender feet all membrane containing alternate Ye Bai thousand layer ( MELALEUCAALTERNIFOLIA) Hydraulic oil, moisturize foot skin, fade foot fine lines, improve rough, dehydration, the foot skin watery and compact, smooth and soft. And, do not stimulate the skin, skin, make skin reproduce luster stereo feeling, oil-free formula, refreshing and connect fully, even in the summer sunshine, also can let your wholesale relaxed and comfortable. Wenzhou technology development co. , LTD. , is a collection of OEM brand cosmetics cosmetics raw materials, formulation development, production in one of professional cosmetics manufacturer processing factories, he produced the brotherhood of cosmetics manufacturer was sought after by many consumers in the market
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