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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-11
factory introduction to management of the importance of < p> 2018 - cosmetics factory 07 - 23 11:34:07 < / p> think cosmetics factory, there are many enterprises the root cause of the tube the disorderly, no more than two aspects: one is the system problem, the second is process problems. The system problems, process problems, the main reason is that the disregard of managers at all levels to the system, to the process. Such cases, the emphasis on & other; System pipe people, process, charge & throughout; It is extremely important. Want to rely on system pipe, want to rely on process steward, so, enterprises must take the necessary system, set up the necessary process. So that we can promote the construction of enterprise's institutionalization, streamline. Institutionalized routing management has become a magic weapon of large and medium-sized enterprises to win. If a team has a cohesive force, the key lies in whether the team members' ideas can unity; If a team has a fighting force, the key lies in whether the team will have a unified. So, what should unify the thinking. . . of all? factory think system is used to regulate the behavior of all employees, with a process to ensure normal operation of production and operation, this is the only way for enterprises to the specification. Institutionalized management, streamline operations, it should be a lot of enterprises currently have to do a great thing. System and processes, is at present many enterprises lack in China, most enterprises have not yet fully specification, mainly rely on top management thoughts, ideology, or personal authority to manage.
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