The importance of cosmetics OEM formula in production process?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-09
First, everyone was first developed the secret recipe that protects skin to taste, then money into production. From the basic principle, no cosmetic formulations, no famous brand of skin care products, skin care products OEM secret recipe is the seed of skin care products, must according to the production and manufacturing can have a result. A good skin care products, its secret recipe must be unique. Recipe for decision on the merits of the cosmetic products, also the decision available to protect skin to taste after sales market size. It is not hard to see, cosmetics manufacturer formula of critical level. Skin lifetime will experience a lot of people is the key point, people are born to skin cells after the collapse of the rate faster, to 25, when more than one stable, the that time is not a rate, about 1 time 27 days is 1 of physiology cycle time. Protect skin to taste is to wipe, spray or other similar methods, spreading in all body surface location, such as skin, hair, nails, lips, etc. , with more than cleaning, maintenance, beauty, and change the appearance, or adjust the body flavor, stable situation for the purpose of organic chemical industry products and fine chemical products. Production of high quality cosmetic standards are more stringent: 1, production guy must be a complete set of protective clothing, cosmetics manufacturer OEM, respirator, rubber gloves in the production workshop to carry out the aseptic operation, detailed disinfection sterilization after pass the canned raw materials to the production of packaging materials. 2, canned production workshop equipped with start automatic filling machine, high precision electronic analytical balance, sterility testing technology such as automatic production line equipment, through the training of skilled technical practical personnel and equipment inspection maintenance staff, sterilizing and microbial detection and soldering all run by GMPC standard air quality detection, ensure the production of cosmetics manufacturer production and processing in the whole process of canned goods safety, accurate, sterile metrological verification test. Second, protect skin to taste is the commodity to wipe on face, skin care products if not technology professional research and development into the recipe, so random manufacturing out of the can not get to ensure product quality. Perhaps nature of goods is not pass, there is no way to promote the sales on the market. formula ensure the success rate of goods, daily chemical industry, obtain the secret recipe of the difficulty coefficient is big zui, secret recipe development must be a lot of time and technology professional talents.
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