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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-27
Hairdressing cosmetic has a history of how < p> 2017 - 09 - 22 15:03:00 < / p> from the Angle of archaeology, our ancestors have learned in ancient times with the items in the nature, through processing, make adornment to beautify themselves. Archaeologists in more than 50000 years ago ( The late paleolithic) Beijing zhoukoudian & other; Cavemen & throughout; Relics found in many works quite delicate decorations, such as drilled animal teeth, polished Shi Zhu, perforated clamshell sea and so on. And using some natural iron oxide coloring some decorations in order to achieve greater beauty. In the neolithic ancestors of unearthed relics, found more quantity, more variety, more delicate, beautiful decorations. Is used to beautify hair bone 筓, act the role of the beautiful animal bones for neck chain, ceramic bracelet, made of jade pendant, and so on. All show the ancestors' consciousness and pursuit of beauty. 1, the long history of Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics sex throughout China's cosmetics and make-up generation and development history is difficult to the history of the Chinese nation traditional Chinese herbal medicine application. Using traditional Chinese herbal medicine as a beauty, skin care, hair care and other personal care products and cosmetics, has a long history in our country. Archaeologists and Chinese medical experts agree that our ancestors have system, theory and application of Chinese herbal medicine beautify the classic features, skin care, this period of history can be traced back to at least 2000 years ago, but the simple use of Chinese herbal medicine for beauty, makeup, opt, sweet body, hair and skin care, such as more ancient history. 2, research of Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics is rolling people generally know the historical development of cosmetics, make-up and the origin of the cosmetics may be associated with religious rituals, especially with the aesthetic consciousness of human itself and strengthening, become a personal life and to participate in social activities essential component. Can the textual research of Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics in China history for about 3000 years. Research we found that the long history of the system of Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics development, from the characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine in our country, also developed in traditional Chinese medicine, it and the development of theory and practice of Chinese medicine in China history, after thousands of years continues, until now.
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