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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-15
Historical characteristics of the traditional beauty cosmetics < p> 2017 - 12 - 20 17:13:00 < / p> throughout China's cosmetics and make-up of generation and development history, it is difficult to the history of the Chinese nation traditional Chinese herbal medicine application. Using traditional Chinese herbal medicine as a beauty, skin care, hair care and other personal care products and cosmetics, has a long history in our country. Archaeologists and medical experts generally think that in our country, our ancestors have system, theory and application of Chinese herbal medicine beautify the classic features, skin care, this period of history can be traced back to at least 2000 years ago, but the simple use of Chinese herbal medicine for beauty, makeup, opt, sweet body, hair and skin care, such as more ancient history. There is evidence that, in the era of xia yu ancients is common in rice grind into powder coated in the face after, to ensure our whiten skin appearance. Also has a red tint to rice noodles on buccal red makeup. In history of Chinese ancient and modern injection ( The five dynasties & middot; The horse stripe from) In carrying & other; Build since zhou to red and blue flowers juice setting for yan fat, born to yan, yue yan fat, tu make peach blossom makeup & throughout; 。 Among them & other; Yan fat & throughout; Is the modern rouge. That is useful in YanZhouWang s rouge to make its ruddy cheeks are beautiful. What is more worth pointing out, in the ancient and modern injection ( Jin & middot; Cui Bao) In the red and blue flowers have such instructions, & other; Yan branch, leaf KuaiHua, calamus, & hellip; … , the Chinese call red and blue to dye powder for the woman face, call for yan powder also. ” Obviously, here & other; Yan team & throughout; Is & other; Yan fat & throughout; And used as yan fat & other; Red and blue flowers & throughout; Is raw material of plant and many historical facts prove that the ancestors' also use lead compounds, such as animal fat to beautify the around the corner, hair. Here we can think of red and blue flowers, lead powder and rice belong to a class of Chinese herbal medicine. People generally know the history of the development research cosmetics manufacturer, make-up and the origin of the cosmetics may be associated with religious rituals, especially with the aesthetic consciousness of human itself and strengthening, become a personal life and to participate in social activities essential component. Can the textual research of Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics in China history for about 3000 years. Research we found that the long history of the system of Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics development, from the characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine in our country, also developed in traditional Chinese medicine, it and the development of theory and practice of Chinese medicine in China history, after thousands of years continues, until now.
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